BIS will develop and deliver the finest customized digital recording solutions available in the marketplace. We will support our customers with an unmatched technical and service team. Year upon year, we will bring the industry and our customers measurable value, exceptional performance and constant innovation. Our ultimate mission is to earn the trust and confidence of our customers each and every day.


In 1982, The First Compact Disk Player Was Launched.
Coincidentally, So Was BIS Digital.

Granted, back then our cutting-edge recording technology consisted of dictation and transcriptions services. We had all of one employee, and a single county made up our entire corporate footprint.

However, by 1985 we were in three counties providing digital recording solutions to numerous hospitals. Five years later, we were serving over 100 hospitals in six states. Then, at the dawn of the new millennia, BIS introduced digital recording solutions to the courts and government. This changed everything.

In 2005, we launched our flagship product, DCR, under the BIS brand and haven’t looked back since. Today, we provide turnkey recording and communications management solutions to more than 4,000 customers. This includes over 2,000 courtrooms, stretching up and down the east coast and beyond. Not to mention, multiple governmental agencies, hospitals, law enforcement departments and medical offices.

Our unique ability to integrate advanced computer technology and digital recording software with the latest equipment – microphones, monitors, mixers, public address systems, and more – allows BIS to deliver customized solutions that provide unmatched communications control.

It’s somewhat fitting that we were born the same year consumers discovered the CD player. After all, this marked the dawn of the digital age for so many. More than that, it serves to remind us that progress never sleeps; that today’s breakthroughs will more sooner than later become tomorrow’s relics.

This fuels the constant push towards innovation that distinguishes BIS Digital and the solutions we create.