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Maximize your forensic data gathering and collaboration with advanced AV solutions from a technology team that is sensitive to the unique needs of advocacy centers.

Whether it’s an interview recording management system or an investigative team communications platform you need, BIS Digital can deliver.
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BIS Digital offers a number of AV technology solutions that support an advocacy center’s investigations of abuse and neglect. Much is at stake, so we aim to provide the most advanced audio, video and multi-media collaboration technology to support your organization’s activities. Forensic data is important as it will impact decisions regarding protection, treatment and prosecution. Be sure your advocacy center is operating at its full potential with advanced AV technology for forensic data gathering and investigative teamwork.

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Advocacy centers provide a safe and supportive environment in which to conduct and observe forensic interviews with crime victims. BIS Digital provides turnkey AV technology solutions for children’s advocacy, women’s advocacy and family justice centers. We provide easy-to-use, feature-rich digital audio and video recording systems, as well as multi-media presentation and collaboration tools. With high-quality digital recording, you can capture the complete interview from all angles. Our video conferencing solution is useful for remote interviews and investigative team collaboration. See why we’ve been the choice of law enforcement, government and healthcare organizations for forty years.

Audio and Video Recording
Sometimes you only get one shot with a single interview to gather crucial forensic information.
You want to make the most of that time to inform the investigation and case decisions. DCR-IR is a user-friendly interview recording management system that’s perfect for children’s advocacy, women’s advocacy and family justice centers.
Our turnkey system provides the hardware, software and technical support for investigating cases of child, domestic or elder abuse and neglect.
DCR-IR is extremely easy-to-use with one-touch commands which means the focus stays on interviewing not operating a complicated recording system. When victims have already suffered trauma, reducing the stress associated with the interview is helpful.
DCR-IR supports multi-channel recording of video and audio. Recording multiple angles can be helpful when interviewing children as that they may be more active and need to move about the room.
All audio and video files recorded during an interview are saved to a single file. This feature is of immense value for case management, file management, search and retrieval. You can attach case notes, annotate the recordings, mark specific events with bookmarks and enter key fields such as case number for instant file retrieval. DCR-IR supports video streaming for remote observation.
Privacy and confidentiality are critical in these investigations.
The digital distortion feature protects the identity of the subject while maintaining 100% of the recording in its original format. It gives you the ability to distort images, voices and markings during playback. DCR-IR incorporates several features to protect the integrity of the recordings. The mirroring function provides redundancy as the recordings are saved automatically to a second location. Noise filtering and automatic gain control help reduce noise interference and unwanted background noise so audio clarity is assured every time.
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Video Conferencing

A multi-media communication tool is perfectly suited to meet the needs of today’s multi-disciplinary advocacy and investigative teams. It allows investigators to share and discuss forensic information real-time over a secure Internet connection. It goes well beyond the conference call with the ability for dynamic engagement using tools such as an interactive whiteboard to map timelines or wireless presentation technology to display evidence. It’s a cost-effective way to enable agencies to combine resources and work together to make the most-informed decisions regarding a case.

It can bring together advocates, law enforcement officers, protective services personnel, mental health and medical personnel, lawyers, and prosecutors to communicate virtually and securely, even at a moment’s notice. Video conferencing can also be used for remote interviews when a face-to-face interview is not feasible. The interview can be conducted over a secure, two-way video connection, and the encounter can be recorded for the record.

Our video conferencing solution with unmatched audio and video allows for single or multi-site access, and users can join using any device, a PC, tablet, mobile phone, telephone or system end-point.


Since 1982 the mission of BIS has been to create the best digital recording solutions available in the marketplace.


BIS has the unique ability to integrate communication, recording and multi-media system solutions with computers.

The Company
In 1982, the first compact disk player was launched. Coincidentally, so was BIS Digital.

Introducing the all-new DCR for today’s fast-track judicial and courtroom management demands. We’ve made our landmark recording system better, faster and more reliable than ever before.

Learn how our AV systems support expert forensic interviewing and advocacy services