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Our real value comes with providing a complete and comprehensive 360-degree AV solution.
Brad Uthe
Director of Business Development
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BIS Digital specializes in the design and implementation of AV solutions for government. We’ve worked with government agencies across the board from U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection to U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. If your agency conducts investigations, interrogations, hearings, meetings or presentations, our digital recording and multi-media communication systems can bring immense value to your operations.

As expert system integrators with decades of experience, there’s no project, no matter how complex or big, our AV technical service team can’t handle. If you’re seeking to transition from analog to digital technology or simply want to enhance functionality on an existing system, we’re here to help. Let our technical team share their expertise and provide recommendations for the ideal AV solution for your agency’s needs. We provide the hardware, software and know-how to seamlessly integrate your solution into your existing IT infrastructure.

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Modernizing your agency’s AV capabilities and systems can be a painful experience, but it needn’t be. Choosing the right technology partner is fundamental to making sure you have the perfect AV solution and ensuring a smooth and successful implementation. BIS Digital has been a trusted AV technology advisor to government agencies for decades. Every day, thousands of government employees throughout the U.S. rely on BIS Digital technology solutions. You’ll find our applications in interview rooms, hearing rooms, huddle rooms, courtrooms―virtually any room—where there’s a need to record, document and manage events.

We offer audio, video, recording, streaming, communication and control technology that’s cost-effective and super easy to use. Our multi-media solutions are future-proof by allowing you to scale up (or down) or upgrade components anytime due to our non-proprietary, hardware-agnostic software. We can accommodate your budget cycles and procurement processes to streamline the project timeline. All of our solutions are backed by our exceptional technical support and unlimited user training.

Audio and Video Recording
If your agency conducts investigations or hearings, chances are you want them documented.
That way, you have an objective record of what transpired. Make sure you capture the entire record, so no word, gesture or subtle detail is lost. To accomplish that, you’ll want a multi-channel recording system that can simultaneously record many channels on audio and video.
You need an AV system that’s reliable and delivers excellent output consistently.
Good equipment poorly placed will not yield great results, and inferior components properly placed, garner the same. BIS Digital does not compromise on quality. We use award-winning components that ensure superior sound and video quality. Our AV engineers will hand-select professional-grade components and identify the ideal place in the room to install them. We handle special needs such as covert recording, offsite monitoring or webcasting, just to name a few. Because we partner with the most innovative manufacturers in industry, you’ll have the most advanced technologies available to you. As integration experts, we will accommodate your IT infrastructure with the ability to configure it as a networked, standalone or even portable solution.
Software development at BIS Digital is customer driven. Here are some of the application features customers say bring the most value and convenience to their agency.
  • One-touch commands
  • Annotations
  • Attachments for supporting documents and case files
  • Digital distortion to protect identities
  • Automated redundant archiving
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Audio and Sound Reinforcement
BIS Digital offers advanced professional audio platforms to deliver high-quality, crystal-clear sound. We provide a range of space-saving and cost-effective solutions for audio mixing, routing and distribution.
We partner with world-class manufacturers to bring you the latest innovations and designs in audio technology. Our AV engineers undergo extensive training and rigorous testing to earn certification by our manufacturers.
Our technical service team handles everything from system design and integration to implementation and training.
Our audio engineers are highly skilled at selecting, placing and installing professional grade audio equipment for optimal performance. They know which microphones, signal processors, mixers and speakers will yield excellent audio clarity and if reinforcement is required in order to produce the best sound. Even the most challenging environments, they configure systems to produce high-quality sound without unwanted background noise, echo or feedback.
We provide wireless and networked AV solutions and integrate them into your IT infrastructure.
Our networked AV solutions provide audio and video routing across the entire network and support AVB and Dante protocols. Our solutions are scalable and flexible and run on networks that closed, centralized, portable or standalone.
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Presentation and Video Conferencing

Technology has brought great advances in multi-media communication, and today’s systems support secure, real-time engagement. Video conferencing is a great tool for multi-agency or task force collaboration. Video arraignment is just one example of how technology can improve safety, reduce risk and lower costs by keeping prisoners in jail rather than transporting them to court.

Our presentation systems come with professional grade, ultra HD projection and display components. Whether you display content to one or many devices in a single room or across your entire complex, our presentation systems will deliver your message effectively with HDBaseT and award-winning AV/IP streaming technology.

Whether you are seeking multi-site video conferencing, webcasting, interactive whiteboards, video walls or simply a media display kiosk, we can deliver. It goes without saying, our solutions incorporate superior audio and video recording and broadcasting capabilities. We’re unique in that we also provide the integration, installation, training and support of these systems. That means you only need to call one number, ever.

Room Control

We simplify the use of AV technologies by consolidating and centralizing control with a programmed interface that connects to every audio and video input device. You can orchestrate a wide variety of systems with the intuitive touchscreen menu. You can use an iPad or tablet to operate cameras, microphones, recorders, LCD/LED, projectors, display monitors, public address (PA) systems and more.

Room Control is hardware agnostic. Since it works with virtually all cameras, monitors and PAs, BIS Digital can design the system to work with your agency’s existing equipment.

Room Control comes with advanced security features to safeguard against unauthorized access.​​ Gain control of your agency’s AV environment with BIS Digital.​


Since 1982 the mission of BIS has been to create the best digital recording solutions available in the marketplace.


BIS has the unique ability to integrate communication, recording and multi-media system solutions with computers.

The Company
In 1982, the first compact disk player was launched. Coincidentally, so was BIS Digital.

Introducing the all-new DCR for today’s fast-track judicial and courtroom management demands. We’ve made our landmark recording system better, faster and more reliable than ever before.

Learn how our AV systems support expert forensic interviewing and advocacy services