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Technology plays a critical role in the courtroom and court proceedings. Capturing the record with accuracy and clarity is fundamental to ensuring a fair and transparent judicial system.

BIS Digital provides comprehensive high-quality technology systems incorporating the key elements your courtrooms require for sound, video, presentation and communication.
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We have the knowledge and experience to customize your systems—no one-size fits all, cookie-cutter solutions will ever come from us. Each component is handpicked by our engineers during their in-depth solution design process based on a needs analysis of your organization.

Our recommendations are backed by expertise, developed through rigorous testing and certifications issued by our industry-leading manufacturing partners along with our decades of AV experience.

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Digital Audio and Video Recording

DCR is our landmark digital court recording software used in thousands of courts throughout the U.S. It can record and play back recordings on multiple audio and video channels making it an ideal solution for every environment from small hearings to large courtroom proceedings. Moreover, DCR integrates with your docket and case management system for significant time savings.

It’s reliable, feature-rich and super easy to learn. The free DCR player is transcription and file export ready. Use it alone, or as part of a complete integrated AV solution with evidence presentation, video arraignment, sound reinforcement and remote translation.

Sound Systems

Courtrooms require a good sound system. It’s important so that everyone in the room can hear what’s been said and individuals who must speak can do so normally without strain. Being able to capture speech precisely and broadcast it clearly carries added weight when language translations come into play.

We offer cost-effective solutions with top-shelf components that provide excellent audio pick up and superior digital sound processing. Features such as acoustic echo cancellation and white noise generation for sidebars distinguish our sound reinforcement and amplification systems from the merely acceptable standard of other vendors.

AV and Presentation Technology

One of the key determinants in the outcome of a trial is evidence. Since evidence can come in all shapes and sizes, presenting evidence in all its forms can be challenging. Our multi-media evidence presentation systems are flexible enough to handle everything from digital documents to 3-dimensional objects. Our visualizers display evidence with outstanding image quality and maintain real-life color representation. Even the small print appears sharp to viewers in the courtroom or participating remotely via video link.

Our system accommodates multiple inputs and is HDMI and VGA compatible. It’s so easy to use which can come in handy particularly with last-minute evidence. The last thing anyone wants to do or see during a trial is fumbling with finicky AV equipment.

Two other key features are preview and management control. These allow a judge to preview evidence and determine who in the courtroom: attorneys, witnesses or jury members, should view it. This advanced presentation system, which also enables touchscreen annotations, which can be saved for the record, is technology every courtroom should have.

Video Arraignment and Remote Testimony

Our video conferencing solutions offer flexibility, outstanding high-definition quality and adhere to industry protocol standards for security and encryption. Our conferencing and collaboration tools include professional audio and video components such as wide-angle, optical zoom cameras, speakers, microphones and display monitors for superior HD web conferencing. The technology handles multi-site, multi-party conferencing and encounters can be recorded and archived.

Technological advances often bring cost savings and convenience. Video conferencing does both in a courtroom setting. Video arraignments dramatically reduce costs associated with traditional arraignments which require transporting an inmate from the correctional facility to the court. With video arraignments, an inmate never leaves the jail and appears before the judge virtually. The judge conducts the arraignment using a secure, two-way, full-motion, real-time video connection, thus eliminating safety risks to law enforcement transporters, judicial staff and civilians encountered along the way.

Remote testimony is another process to which video conferencing bring efficiencies. Delays due to bad weather no longer apply when a witness can connect electronically to the courtroom. Another upside is the potential for cost savings. Expert witnesses or attorneys that must travel great distances to appear physically in court would incur costs for transportation, meals, hotels and travel time. These all disappear in a virtual court environment.

Remote Language Translation

To ensure a fair judiciary, courts must grant equal access regardless of a person’s proficiency in English. If a person does not speak or understand English because it’s not their primary language or because of a hearing impairment, the court should provide resources to overcome these barriers.

BIS Digital offers technology solutions that facilitate access to court services for limited English proficient individuals including those who communicate in American Sign Language. We provide the audio and video technology that brings translation and interpretation services into the courtroom, even if the interpreter is many miles away. We not only provide the connectivity, but our Remote Translation System also records these interactions, capturing the record for transcription and maximizing limited resources.

For those with impaired hearing, an assistive listening device can aid those for whom a hearing aid is not adequate. These systems with multiple digital audio inputs reduce background noise and maximize listening. Be sure your courts provide equal access and comply with state and federal regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with BIS Digital.

Enterprise Room Control

Smart AV monitoring makes sense for most court systems. Our reliable Enterprise Room Control system provides a central command center to manage every audio and video device in the room. It eliminates the need for expensive proprietary AV controllers. Using a standard iPad, Surface Pro or Android tablet, the user controls everything with just one touch. The system is configured to match the requirements of each individual room and scalable for future upgrades or downgrades. We work with legacy equipment not just devices purchased from us.

Court administrators looking to streamline processes and tighten security by restricting user access appreciate the total control the system provides. Whether it’s a microphone that needs to be muted or a witness that needs to be cued for upcoming testimony, Enterprise Room Control will optimize operational performance throughout.


Since 1982 the mission of BIS has been to create the best digital recording solutions available in the marketplace.


BIS has the unique ability to integrate communication, recording and multi-media system solutions with computers.

The Company
In 1982, the first compact disk player was launched. Coincidentally, so was BIS Digital.

Introducing the all-new DCR for today’s fast-track judicial and courtroom management demands. We’ve made our landmark recording system better, faster and more reliable than ever before.

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