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Empower your officers and investigators with modern technology to help them uncover the truth and record the facts. You know the science and rules of conducting interviews and interrogations. We know the technology.

Don’t jeopardize an interview or an entire case with inferior, outdated or unreliable AV equipment. The opportunity for making a key interrogation successful may only come once.
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Make your investment count by partnering with AV integration experts. Our engineers undergo extensive training and rigorous testing to earn the certifications necessary to stay at the top of our game. We will recommend most the suitable AV architecture, the most appropriate AV equipment, and the ideal placement of components to produce the high-quality recordings law enforcement requires.

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Audio and Video Recording

Don’t jeopardize an interview or an entire case with unreliable AV equipment. The opportunity for making a key interrogation successful may only come once. Make it count with an advanced electronic recording system.

Trusted by law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S., BIS Digital provides easy-to-use audio and high-definition (HD) video recording solutions for interview rooms that require security, sensitivity and confidentiality. Multi-channel DCR-IR captures the interview with the clarity and accuracy that can make the difference when it’s time to present the case in court. Being able to manage and maintain control of the interview is crucial for success. No one needs distractions during an interview. DCR-IR offers one-touch commands, allowing everyone to stay focused on the interview, not the recording gear. The advanced features of the DCR-IR software set it apart, making it a superior choice. The software brings together all camera shots into a single digital file. That means HD video, audio and even interview notes record to one file with date and time stamps. DCR-IR filters external noise and calibrates gain levels for optimum sound recording. Video streamed to a secure display station allows for real-time observation and monitoring.

Accessing the recordings easily is essential. DCR-IR’s robust search feature means you can quickly retrieve interview files. Files can be exported to a variety of file types, and the automated backup feature provides redundant archiving.

Security remains at the heart of the DCR-IR system. The software supports user-defined roles to protect the record from unauthorized access, and administrators can maintain control over the system features and functions. Files are encrypted, and the entire interview or portions of it can be sealed.

Video Conferencing

Looking to save money and improve productivity at your agency? Break through time and resource barriers with multimedia collaboration technology. This technology is making strides across the country, first in business, then the courts and now in law enforcement.

BIS Digital offers fully integrated, advanced audio and video systems along with interactive whiteboarding, digital recording, wireless presentation and live streaming. Our video conferencing solution with unmatched audio and video allows for single or multi-site access, and users can join using any device, a PC, tablet, mobile phone, telephone or system end-point.

See how this versatile technology can impact your agency or department. From video arraignment to emergency response, this collaboration tool can have a huge impact on many aspects of law enforcement operations: safety, effectiveness, productivity and budgets, to name a few.

Use Case Examples
Video Arraignment
One of the most popular uses of video conferencing in law enforcement today is video arraignment. A prisoner connects to the judge via a secure two-way, real-time video connection. This virtually eliminates the time and resources required for securely transporting the prisoner. It’s a more secure and time-efficient alternative to face-to-face court appearances. It also reduces the risk of harm to officers, staff, civilians and prisoners. It speeds up the time of processing since more arraignments and court appearances can be scheduled in one day and can be especially helpful in resource-strapped agencies. Dollars saved by using a video arraignment system can be substantial, and the return on investment often comes within a year.
Investigative Task Force
A multi-media communication tool is perfectly suited to meet the needs of an investigative task force, or group initiative focused on a particular criminal activity. It allows specialists and experts from multiple law enforcement agencies to collaborate in real-time. It allows investigators to securely share intelligence, whether it’s using an interactive whiteboard to map strategy or presentation technology to display evidence. It allows multiple agencies to combine resources in a cost-effective manner and offers the flexibility to adapt to organizational changes as the task force evolves over time.
Emergency Preparedness
Emergency situations caused by mass shootings or terrorist acts are no longer rare and infrequent. These situations often come without warning and often require the communication and collaboration of multiple public safety agencies working to resolve the crisis. Natural disasters or industrial accidents can also cause widespread panic and chaos. Law enforcement agencies can take a proactive approach and prepare for potential emergency situations by developing protocol and policies and establishing lines of communication with other agencies. With information sharing and communication tools in place, law enforcement can respond more quickly and cohesively.
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Incident Reporting

Incident reporting technology means officers spent more time on important issues and less time writing occurrence reports.

Empower officers with dictation and speech recognition technology to improve productivity, reduce handwritten reporting errors and ensure timely filing of reports. Using voice recognition, officers can remain visually aware while documenting an occurrence or submitting a license plate check. Advanced microphones allow officers to dictate, edit, navigate, and review reports while on the go. Speech recognition technology offers efficiencies help ease the strain on forces with limited personnel and resources.

Interaction Recording

BIS Digital’s communication recording solutions are perfect for police departments, law enforcement agencies, homeland security, and emergency operation centers where achieving short response times are critical.

Our innovative solutions assist dispatch and call centers achieve short response times in time-sensitive situations. With advanced playback and analysis features, you will have the chance to improve liability protection and case resolution. You will also have the tools needed to reconstruct interactions for comprehensive evaluation or court proceedings.


Since 1982 the mission of BIS has been to create the best digital recording solutions available in the marketplace.


BIS has the unique ability to integrate communication, recording and multi-media system solutions with computers.

The Company
In 1982, the first compact disk player was launched. Coincidentally, so was BIS Digital.

Introducing the all-new DCR for today’s fast-track judicial and courtroom management demands. We’ve made our landmark recording system better, faster and more reliable than ever before.

Learn how our AV systems support expert forensic interviewing and advocacy services