Prisons And Correctional Facilities

Digital AV solutions reduce risks to correctional officers and civilians while protecting inmate constitutional rights and producing budget savings.

Our real value comes with providing a complete and comprehensive 360-degree AV solution.
Jade Coldren
Regional Sales Director
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Turn to the AV integration experts with nearly 40 years in the business to incorporate seamlessly advanced technology solutions into daily prison operations. You can trust BIS Digital to design, install and support a reliable, easy-to-use system customized to perfectly suit your facility. Our staff certification by CJIS, the Criminal Justice Information Service points to the level of professionalism we demonstrate and the trust law enforcement places in our firm.

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Our solutions are scalable and accommodate the needs of local jails and detention centers as well as state and federal prison systems. Because our solutions are hardware agnostic and non-proprietary, we can design systems that incorporate legacy equipment, yet have the flexibility for future upgrades as time and budgets afford.

BIS Digital offers turnkey fully integrated digital audio and video recording solutions customized to suit jails, prisons and correctional facilities. Our interview recording management solution comes with a full suite of services including system design, procurement, integration, implementation, training and technical support. We also provide multi-media communications solutions with video conferencing, typically used for video arraignment, parole hearings or training.

Audio and Video Recording

Our interview management solution, DCR-IR, brings one-touch audio and video recording to jails, prisons and correctional facilities. We use world-class hardware including high-definition cameras and high-quality sound equipment for optimal intelligence gathering. Together with our industry-leading feature-rich interview management software, our single and multi-room digital AV recording solutions are cost-effective and reliable. In fact, we back them with life-of-contract unlimited training and comprehensive technical service and support.

We will configure each interview room with the ideal cameras and microphones to ensure accurate information capture, security and safety. Our solution comes with many options such as remote live video monitoring as well as automated backup. Administrators can control access through secure user rights management.

In addition to interviewing, DCR-IR is a helpful tool for criminal justice and mental health professionals providing rehabilitation therapy, psychological or counseling services to inmates.

Video Conferencing

Transporting inmates in and out of prisons and jails can put the safety and even lives of correctional officers, transporters and civilians at risk. Increasingly, facilities look to technology to ease the burden of safe and secure transport. Live video conferencing provides a cost-effective alternative to in-person court appearances before a judge. With video arraignments and hearings, an inmate never leaves the jail and appears before the judge or parole board virtually. It reduces the cost, time and resources required to move a prisoner from the prison to the court while preserving the inmate’s right to due process. With many jails and prisons facing overpopulation and limited resources, the ability to more quickly process judicial proceedings brings welcome relief.

Presentation Technology

Educational programs can have a positive impact on inmate and prison populations. We offer an extensive array of multi-media solutions for facilities of all sizes that support the delivery of training and educational programs. Our presentation systems come with professional grade, ultra HD projection and display components. Whether you display content to one or many devices in a single room or across your entire complex, our presentation systems will deliver your message effectively with HDBaseT and award-winning AV/IP streaming technology. We can route signals over a single cable for additional cost efficiency. Our audio reinforcement and PA systems work in conjunction to maximize audio clarity throughout the presentation space.


Since 1982 the mission of BIS has been to create the best digital recording solutions available in the marketplace.


BIS has the unique ability to integrate communication, recording and multi-media system solutions with computers.

The Company
In 1982, the first compact disk player was launched. Coincidentally, so was BIS Digital.

Introducing the all-new DCR for today’s fast-track judicial and courtroom management demands. We’ve made our landmark recording system better, faster and more reliable than ever before.

Learn how our AV systems support expert forensic interviewing and advocacy services