Audio & Video Systems

Audio & Video Systems2018-09-05T15:53:41-04:00

BIS Digital provides the latest next generation audio reinforcement solutions to meet all client demands. Regardless of the size of your room, our solutions are designed with the flexibility to meet evolving needs but most importantly make you sound great!


Digital Sound Processing
Get rid of your clutter! Our next-generation digital sound processors allow you to condense your audio rack down to a few spaces. This scalable system can utilize AVB or DANTE protocols to transport audio across your facility and features compressors, EQ’s and granular audio control which allow you to fine-tune your system to meet the needs of the room. Most importantly it integrates with our DCR family of products.

Allow us to make you sound great! We offer a wide range of award winning microphones catered to meet the specific needs of your speakers.

Amplification & Speakers
Our commercial grade amplifiers and speakers are fine-tuned to every space by our factory-certified technical staff.

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Capture every detail of the record with our wide variety of digital and IP high definition cameras. We offer covert, fixed and PTZ cameras that will meet all your video requirements.

Our fixed IP cameras are available with or without a security dome and are available for indoor and outdoor applications. All cameras can utilize interchangeable lenses to suit your fixed distance requirements.

Law enforcement scenarios may call for a fixed discreet camera solution. Our covert camera can be hidden in ceilings and walls and integrate with DCR-IR for secure video capture.

Our wide ranging selection of PTZ cameras capture high definition video starting at 720p and are available in IP and HD-SDI video formats. Whether you are capturing the courtroom record or live broadcasting a meeting, these cameras are optimized to produce high quality video.

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Presentation Systems

Let us meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s connectivity demands. Our presentation systems are designed using a modular approach which will allow you provide your users connectivity to today’s most popular devices with the ability to expand as new technology becomes available.

Our input devices allow users to connect HDMI, VGA, component and composite devices. Rather than using bulky expensive cables we can route audio and video signals over a single CAT6 cable providing a cost effective and efficient method of transport.

Whether you are displaying content to one or many displays in a single room or across your campus, our presentation systems will get your message through. Using HDBaseT and award winning AV over IP streaming technology you can rest assured your content will reach its intended viewers.

Your content is only as good as the display you are viewing it on. Our presentation systems use commercial grade displays and projection systems which may provide images in up to 4K ultra HD.


Let us bring the television studio to you. Our broadcast systems allow you to control your camera and presentation video feeds so that your audience can view content the way you intend them to view it. These systems will provide television and web feeds.