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Capture The Record. Record Every Minute, Moment & Monumental Achievement.

DCR2 is the comprehensive recording solution designed and configured specifically for the Meeting Management needs of public and civic forums – County Commissions, City Councils, School Boards, Government Agencies. Any organization or association that demands instant and accurate event records needs the performance and features of DCR2.

By  integrating with Microsoft Word, the user is provided the ability to create bookmarks directly into the agenda. It is designed around the highest standards meeting all of your mission critical recording needs. DCR2 provides complete integration with agenda automation, video conferencing, audio reinforcement and presentation systems as well as our hosted on demand services.

No system captures the record more completely or more seamlessly than DCR2 from BIS Digital. Make a motion to get the best for your organization today.

The Agenda
We recognize that your agenda is the key centerpiece of any council, committee or government related agency meeting. For this reason, we have developed a product meant to integrate directly with your agenda allowing you to create bookmarks and annotations directly on your document. This will permit you to create a complete and searchable official record.   Read More >

The Event
Capture every speaker, every motion, every argument, every ratification, every presentation, every moment via the most advanced digital meeting recording software in the world. DCR2 will capture your audio, video and annotations with ease.

Up to 32 Audio Channels And 8 Video Channels.
Our fully scalable solution lets you choose the number of channels you need. Both audio and video are saved to a single file. The record is flawlessly and instantly captured with DCR2.

Standard Windows™ Operating System
DRC2 runs on Windows and will likely integrate seamlessly with your current PCs and audio/video gear.

Stream it Live & Web Hosting
Create an instant online forum by integrating BoardSync from BIS Digital. Enjoy live streaming that can be viewed from any PC, tablet, or smart phone, anywhere in the world. Set access parameters to allow viewing for the general public or solely to authorized individuals. Once a meeting is recorded, it’s instantly accessible for viewing in a single digital file. BIS Digital hosts all files remotely and links to your site through a custom viewing portal. Post as many events as you like! You always enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage from BIS Digital. Share files via social media, email, DVDs, thumb drives, or any other format. DCR2 gives you the power to record, catalog, and call-up events anytime you desire, in virtually any format, with point-and-click ease.

Directly links meeting minutes and points to the discussion associated with audio and video.

Proven Track Record
DCR2 is currently capturing the record for more than 1,000 City Councils, School Boards, County Commissions and other civic groups throughout the United States.

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BIS Integrated Digital Gear
DCR2 seamlessly integrates with a full complement of next generation A/V technology.

  • Digital Sound Systems
  • Cameras
  • Microphones
  • Monitors
  • Multi-Media Presentation Systems
  • ADA Compliant Assisted Listening Devices

Turnkey Meeting Management Solutions
BIS Digital provides fully integrated solutions which will meet today’s needs as well as tomorrow’s challenges. Our technology includes but is not limited to digital, AVB and DANTE based audio reinforcement systems, digital and IP based cameras, direct wire and network based personation systems, video conferencing and video broadcasting solutions.

BIS Room Control
RCS is a web0based hardware agnostic control system that is 100% customizable to specifically meet the needs of the end user. Operate your meeting room’s technology from any web enabled device (PC’s, tablets, or smartphone). Available as a network appliance or server based application.

Who’s Next?, Video Voting & Roll Call
These features integrate with Room Control and DCR2 for even greater performance. Who’s Next? allows attendees to discretely send “request to speak” messages to the meeting moderator using any smartphone or tablet. The “speaker cue” automatically appears on the moderator’s screen, saving time and preventing interruptions. Video Voting eliminates paper ballots by allowing attendees to vote using their devices. Results are automatically compiled on the moderator’s screen. Roll Call saves time and preserves order by fully automating this necessary function.

Video Conferencing
Integrate live video conferencing into any meeting with up to 25 individual participants.

Automated Back-Up
DCR2 redundancy feature allows you to simultaneously record your meeting to two separate locations (second hard drive, USB storage device or network storage location) providing ease of mind and allowing you to focus on your meeting.

Advanced Search Capability
Quickly search for archived meetings by date, key words, names and other criteria. Jump-to-time feature during playback allows for fast and easy navigation through files to find any pertinent moment being searched.

BIS Digital Installation, Service and Support
We guarantee installation by our own team of BIS experts (not some outsourced crew), 24/7/365 customer support, and the finest technical service in the industry. We stand behind DCR2 and every BIS solution we bring you.

DCR2 is the multi-channel recording solution designed and configured specifically for meetings. No other system captures the record more thoroughly. No other company understands your unique needs better than BIS Digital.