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Interview Room Recording System:
Capture The Record and Reveal The Truth.

There’s no room for error when conducting sensitive interviews that impact public safety, homeland security, emergency management and law enforcement operations.

Perhaps it’s a criminal suspect being question by law enforcement. Maybe it’s a matter of national security where every second counts and accurate information is vital. It could be a confused and frightened child being interviewed at a family crisis center. It could also be an ongoing investigation by the local Sheriff’s office or one being conducted by Boarder Patrol.

When capturing the record impacts lives, DCR-IR delivers. DCR-IR is the one-touch solution from BIS Digital that captures testimony in critical interview environments with optimum accuracy, clarity and ease. Add an arsenal of BIS software, hardware and multi-media solutions to create a turnkey, fully integrated Audio/Video solution.

The Ideal Recording Solution For:
Police departments, law enforcement agencies, homeland security, FBI, emergency operations centers, border patrol, sheriff’s departments, child advocacy groups, family crisis centers, medical evaluation facilities, social services agencies, and any interview environment where security, confidentiality and accuracy are critical.

One-Touch Start, Stop & Record
The simplicity of DCR IR begins with one-touch START, STOP and RECORD Buttons that capture high-definition video, crystal-clear audio and even interview notes into a single digital file with date and time watermarks. DCR-IR runs using a standard Windows™ operating system and files can be called up anytime for viewing on PCs, Macs, iPads, smartphones, and tablets.

Multiple Camera Views 
DCR-IR captures multiple cameras in a single file. Close-ups of subject and interviewer, overhead shots, entry perspectives, and other viewpoints ensure that both sides of the conversation are fully documented. Body language and subtle reactions to questioning are clearly captured.

Multi-Instance Recording Solution
Monitor all of your interviews from a single control room. With  DCR-IR users can independently capture, view and annotate multiple interviews simultaneously from a PC.

Seamless Integration 
Whether you have standard zoom & tilt cameras, surveillance-style dome cameras, miniature cameras or any combination in place, DCR-IR will integrate with your current technology for maximum cost efficiency.

BIS Digital Cameras and Monitors
Need to add or upgrade cameras, monitors and other audio/video equipment? BIS Digital provides the latest gear designed and configured for optimum performance with DCR-IR.

Run DCR-IR on a Windows based tablet or laptop with built in cameras and microphones for a fully mobile interview suite anywhere you need it.

Proven Track Record
DCR-IR is currently capturing in record in THOUSANDS of critical interview environments throughout the country.

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Real-Time Streaming
Stream interviews in real time to a secure monitoring station for viewing as events occur by authorized personnel.

Digital Distortion Privacy Feature
When children and other sensitive subjects are recorded, this feature allows their images, voices and markings to be digitally distorted during playback in order to protect identities. The original file is not altered in any way to maintain a 100% accurate record.

Automated Back-Up
DCR-IR redundancy feature allows you to simultaneously record your meeting to two separate locations (secondary hard drive, USB storage device or network storage location) providing ease of mind and allowing you to focus on your interview.

File Search and Bookmarking 
Interview files can be called up by name, date and time, location, case number, file number and other criteria. Bookmarks add cue points within the file that allow viewers to jump to any portion of the interview instantly.

PDF Annotation Format
Save and imbed recordings into a standard PDF document that provides a quick and easy log of cue points and allows full playback using standard Windows Media Player.

Noise Filtering And Automatic Gain Control
DCR-IR automatically filters outside interference and calibrates gain levels to capture crystal-clear audio, so pertinent details are never missed or overlooked.


DCR-IR is the recording solution designed and configured specifically for critical interview environments. No other system captures the record more completely, because no other company understands your needs like BIS Digital.