The Solution That Revolutionized Courtroom Recording Does It Again. .

Introducing the all-new DCR for today’s fast-track Judicial and Courtroom Management demands. We’ve made our landmark recording system better, faster and more reliable than ever before. Capture the record with bold recording and playback features supported by a full range of customized software, hardware and multimedia solutions. Enjoy premier-quality audio and video thanks to advanced BIS Digital microphones, speakers, cameras and components. Take advantage of video conferencing capabilities to enhance courtroom participation. Add the latest in HDMI presentation technology and translation tools to streamline proceedings, while ensuring accurate, fair and trusted jurisprudence.

Everything is recorded in one file that’s easily managed and instantly accessible. The verdict is in! The system that revolutionized courtroom recording has done it again!

DCR player

Select Your DCR Configuration
DCR fits you, not the other way around. Choose a portable laptop system for recording in different locations, a stand-alone PC system for complete room coverage or a centralized server solution to network and record multiple rooms at once.

Up to 32 Audio Channels And 8 Video Channels To A Single File.
Our fully scalable solution lets you choose the number of channels you need. Both audio and video are saved to a single file.

Capture Everything – Annotations Included 
DCR records courtroom proceedings to a single, easy-to-manage file and automatically links all supporting documentation: testimony, evidence, arguments, notes, presentations, motions, rulings, objections, everything! The record is flawlessly and instantly captured every time.

Standard Windows™ Operating System
DCR runs on the Microsoft Windows Platform, allowing it to run on most PC’s.

Digital Sound Systems, Fully Integrated A/V Solutions
BIS Digital offers a complete selection of high-fidelity microphones and speakers designed to integrate seamlessly with HD cameras and the DCR recording system. Enjoy optimal sound quality for live courtroom testimony and crystal-clear digital recording.

Fully Integrated A/V Solutions
BIS Digital provides complete courtroom solutions with every component and connection needed to meet your needs – Digital, AVB and Network Sound Systems, Video Cameras, PTZ Cameras, Video Conferencing, Video Production and wired or wireless HDMI Presentation Systems.

Proven Track Record
DCR is currently providing order in the court for THOUSANDS of Federal, State and Municipal courtrooms around the country.

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Case Management/Docket Integration
Automatically incorporates critical information into the digital case file, so it can be called up at any time during or after the trial. Enjoy instant access to every case on the docket.

Evidence Presentation 
DCR integrates with a full array of BIS audio/visual solutions (document cameras, DVD players, annotators, whiteboards, projectors, screens, LCD monitors and more) to add speed and accuracy to the evidentiary process.

BIS Room Control
Add this system for one-touch control of all audio and video components in the courtroom. Raise and lower mic levels. Operate cameras, projectors and recorders. Control monitors and displays. Room Control is configured to meet your needs with both appliance and server based options.

Room Control configures to your needs with IP, Network and Server-based options available.

Automated Back-Up
The primary digital case file is saved on the system’s hard drive, while a second copy is automatically archived on a secondary drive or DVD for full redundancy.

Vast Search Criteria
Call up digital files by case number, Judge, Defendant, keywords, date, time and other search criteria. DCR locates it in seconds!

Remote Translation/Language Interpretation
Ensure the accuracy of critical testimony and evidence with automated translation and language interpretation capabilities, including American Sign Language.

Video Conferencing and Arraignment
DCR can host up to 25 participants via advanced video conferencing technology. Ideal for live testimony and evidence presentation as well as video arraignment.

Bookmark any point in the digital file by time, speaker or notes to call it up at any point in the proceedings with point-and-click speed.

Assisted Listening
For hearing impaired courtroom participants, DCR can be configured with optional IR (infra-red) and FM-based headset systems that are in full compliance with ADA regulations.

Simultaneous Record and Playback 
With DCR you can record proceedings live while reviewing testimony and evidence previously captured via playback for a more accurate and more efficient path to justice.

BIS Digital Installation, Service and Support
We guarantee installation and technical service performed by our own team of trained and certified BIS experts. We will never outsource your critical courtroom needs to subcontractors or vendors.  Our Customer Service team is ready to assist you with any issue by phone 24/7/365. We stand behind DCR and every BIS solution we bring you.