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BIS Digital products empower every organization to take control of their document management, dictation and transcription needs. BIS Digital provides a suite of enterprise products incorporating digital dictation, speech recognition, transcription and workflow management. This is a solution for multiple industry sectors including the medical, transcription, legal, law enforcement and government industries.

BIS Digital simplifies the dictation process by providing anywhere, anytime document creation, with flexibility for Telephone, PC, Internet, handheld recorder, and modern PDA dictation. You have the power of choice with BIS Digital.

BIS Digital streamlines the transcription process and allows you to take control of your transcription expenditures, by providing solutions for local, remote, and outsourced transcriptions.

We also offer optional speech recognition solutions. Partnering with industry recognized speech providers, we employ the latest technology to provide seamless integrated solutions.

Experience a range of industry standard input options, including integrated desktop recording from your PC or notebook, digital handheld PDA and touchtone phone systems. By using digital files instead of tapes to transport dictation, your work can be sent for transcription instantly from any location with Internet access. Combined with faster transcription turnaround, your dictation will be ready by the time you get back to the office.

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  • Speech-recognition Ready
  • Supports over 120 file formats
  • Dictate from anywhere
  • Flexible Recording Inputs
  • Control & Monitor work flow
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