Multimedia Voice Record

Multimedia Voice Record2018-09-11T14:58:54-04:00

Whether it’s a budget constrained economical recorder need or a high reliability, thumb resilient and redundant requirement, Revcord has the perfect recording solution for you.

Our inexpensive tower based logging system will fit almost any budget with powerful software features – all of the features and functions of our top-of-the-line high reliability multimedia voice logging system are included in our “economy model”.

Options? Not with Revcord. Unlike the competition we bundle everything you need into our standard recorder. For example, you get, at no additional price, features including Quality Assurance Evaluation software along with a robust Reports package. Even screen recording is included and so much more. You get video and text (SMS/MMS) recording along with email, instant messaging and social media recording for the same low price – no ups, no extras.