Revcord Version 10

Revcord Version 102018-09-11T14:23:46-04:00

Much like what 3D did to movies, sale Revcord brings a Rich User Experience with Version 9. Using the latest Microsoft technologies including Silverlight and .NET to provide brilliant streaming video with improved interactivity and multi-browser support, Version 9 provides greater ease of use with an engaging user interface.

Revcord has updated the voice recorder to a comprehensive multimedia logging service. Multimedia recording is focused at both traditional media, such as analog and digital, and most importantly, Next Generation 9-1-1 where all recording is accomplished used SIP with RTP. Revcord also protects against TMI (Too Much Information). Rather than possibly overwhelming a call taker with a glut of mind numbing information, you can easily adjust “how much of what” a call taker, agent or supervisor sees. Additionally, Revcord announces one of the first full featured cloud based Android mobile call recorders

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